11/18 (Friday) Providence, RI
Machines with Magnets
w/ Uniform, Timeghost, Trim

11/19 (Saturday) Alfred, NY
Alfred University Holmes Auditorium
w/ Tinnitustimulus, RRLEW, Valise, Timeghost, Work/Death, Container, Bromp Treb, V Manuscript and many more

11/20 (Sunday) Toronto
Smiling Buddha
w/ Tinnitustimulus, Plasmalab, Protruders

11/21 (Monday) Athens, OH
The Smiling Skull
w/ Cellular Chaos, Tinnitustimulus, StarDaddy

11/22 (Tuesday) Cincinnati, OH
Rake’s End
w/ Tinnitustimulus, Developer, Hostas, SlowCrime, Hateface

11/23 (Wednesday) Chicago, IL
Club Rectum
w/ Tinnitustimulus