White Mice



Providence Rhode Island’s WHITE MICE are a three piece (bass, drums and oscillator) that generate enough round and square wave tones to bring a BONANZA bus of nuns three feet (.91 m) off the ground. Combining the menacing (kinda slouched) posture of black metal with blistering oscillator attack is nothing new, but WHITE MICE bring the game to your hometown. The band does dress like lab butchered white mice when playing live.

Mind you trainspotters looking for the RIYL attack: I say BRAINBOMBS and MELVINS, and similar riffraff but with a different toolset mind you. Churning oscillator attacks, belly-bustin’ bass, and demonic wails � rock music rewired for a generation punch drunk on its own fart fumes.

Song: Dieabesststitty

 the White Mice - BLasssTPhlEgMEICE


Providence’s grim fated rodent patrol returns with their second record on LOAD. Stepped up audio production means the pained rasp flange floats on top of diseased oscillator attack and kill gun bass to mount a mission to split your skull wide open. Double kick drum makes your hand clasp your ears, its too much!

Past shows and tours have seen the band play with entertainers such as DROPDEAD and LIGHTNING BOLT – this should give you an idea these furry weirdos nibble from heavy blocks. What you can expect is nauseating food for the dead generation flaked with pun-soaked dirges of pointless lab coated aggression.

Fans of ‘heavy’ music will delight as the medical schlock of CARCASS’s beastiality is recombined with the potent DNA of heavy sludge to bait the rat trap for killingly effective head bang. TAKE A BITE!

Song: White Mice