Mr. California and the State Police

Mr. California and the State Police - Audio Hallucinations

Audio Hallucinations

After numerous 7″‘s,a full length CD, and an astounding interview IN MAXIMUM ROCK AND ROLL – one man instigator, Mr. California and the State Police, bring drum machine and guitar fortified crunch home. A 10″/CD crammed to the rafters with 51 songs!! Rock has overcome its fear of stupidity and is blazing new trails. The world should prepare itself for this weapon of mass destruction.

Its time to have some fun kids and Mr. California is here. He’s gonna school you good with potty logic songs like “the Violation of Burt Ward” , “Kill Dr. Phil” and “Handjob”. Think punk rock weirdos SOCKEYE and MEN”S RECOVERY PROJECT for reference.

Song: No Crabs
Song: Sick