Secret Passage

Coughs are a clamouring six piece wrecking crew with two drummers, a sax/keyboardist, a bass player, a guitarist, bass player and an unhinged lead singer. This motley crue comes at you with a hotwired milkshake of punked out red bull rock. Easily putting on the most memorable live shows of the 2000’s, lead singer Anya Davidson is a frothing wraith of unquestionable furious intent. Backed by a double drummer band using discarded 55 gallon oil barrels, Coughs brings the tribal whoomp to a blurry sandwich of fuzzed out organ/sax riffery and guitar slice. This is the new ROCK, be here at GROUND ZERO!

Their previous record on Load Records “Fright Makes Right”, raised the bar on new panic stricken punk stylings, and this record moves the limbo stick to impossible heights with its hi-fi/no-fi recording making it so hard for you to fight the feeling. If you are ready to join the other foot soldiers in the battle for quality energy driven noisy punk, look for the dotted line that says “Coughs” and sign right the fuck up. You have been drafted, now DO IT!

Song: Dark Powers

Coughs - Fright Makes Right

Fright Makes Right

Crawling out the middle hole of the US, Chicago’s Coughs are a six piece band with kling-klang percussion from sheets of metal, snaking melodies crawling out of exotic instruments, and racy patter. So if you enjoy cacophony, hypnotizing polyrhythms, DEICIDE, THE SWANS, MERZBOW, THE BUTTHOLE SURFERS, picnics in the park, and/or intemperate discomfort than consider a new choice for your finicky lifestyle. COUGHS are cool, join the team and stock your bunker pilgrim.

Song: Penal Colony